The Most Instagram - able Spots of Central Athens

by Katia Mavrikou

Free up substantial MBs on your phone if you plan to visit Athens, because it won't be just the Acropolis you'll be capturing. Once you're done with a series of Parthenon pics from all different angles, selfies, group photos and the rest, we suggest you wander around Plaka, Monastiraki, Thiseio, PsyriSyntagma SquareKolonaki and Exarcheia (to name just a few) in the heart of the city of Athens. There are not just off-the-beaten-path sights you can discover (which we have previously revealed here) but a bunch of adventurous and cool things to do, hidden gems for foodies and travel buffs. We swear,  your Instagram will be on fire!

Here's some inspiration (thanks to all-star Instagrammer locals and visitors!) :

#1 The Mysterious Parthenon, Acropoli

Truth be told, nobody will believe you're in Athens unless you post a picture here, so we consider this an Instagram-priority moment. Here's one from our beloved ambassador Banda Magda, recently on tour in Europe.

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#2 The Pedestrian Street of Dionysiou Aeropagitou, Acropolis

If you are not in the mood to walk far from the 'heart' of sightseeing (aka the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum) most likely you are already on Dionysiou Aeropagitou street. This street makes the top of our list if not for the views of the majestic Parthenon and the museum, then for the  beautiful buildings, the doors and the funky rental bikes! 

#3 The News Breaking Hellenic Parliament, Syntagma

The Greek equivalent to the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace takes place in Syntagma Square in front of the Hellenic Parliament. As tourist-y as it may sound, let's be honest - it makes a great pic for your Instagram collection #Athens. Also, you can take a close-up of that yellow building that is often in the headlines. 

#4 The Secluded Gardens of Zappeion, Syntagma 

Zappeion is basically the building inside the National Garden. What makes it so special is that it's a sanctuary in the heart of the noisy city of Athens, located between Syntagma and the Panathenaic Stadium. So, if you need to walk across this area we suggest you avoid the noisy roads and take this shortcut; not only will the walk be more interesting, but there's lots to capture on camera. 

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#5 The Greek Chic Anafiotika, Acropolis (Plaka) - Monastiraki

Most people -including myself- reach Anafiotika by chance, either while wandering (or getting lost!) in the alleys of Plaka or on the way to/from the Acropolis. Located on the northern side of the Acropolis, Anafiotika brings the colour palette of Greek island chic into the heart of the historic centre. 

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#6 The All-Time Classic Plaka, Acropoli

Plaka's alleys are diverse. On the one side you see neoclassical buildings, next you see ancient ruins and further up you bump into blue-white houses. Click click click ....

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#7 The Posh Voukourestiou Street, Syntagma

Voukourestiou Street starts off at Syntagma square (behind the Hotel Grande Bretagne) and goes all the way up to Kolonaki. In some alterantive reality, it's the Athenian version of London's Bond Street!

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#8 The Must-See Acropolis Museum, Acropoli

This beautiful museum will capture your eye, your interest and your camera from every different angle (inside and out!).

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#9 The Busy Ermou Street, Syntagma 

Ermou Street starts just off Syntagma Square and goes all the way down to Monastiraki Square and beyond. It starts more 'mainstream' (Zara, McDonalds, Nike and the like) and as it progresses it becomes more and more 'alternative' and interesting (especially closer to the little church of Kapnikarea). 

Need a break? Enjoy the sunset in one of those gorgeous rooftop bars.

#10 The Bold Athens' Graffiti Scene, Psirri - Plaka - Monastiraki - Exarcheia

Graffiti is spread everywhere around central Athens, so we have a collection here to inspire you with what you might run into when you least expect it. 

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Is there an Instagram - able spot you would like to add? Sharing is caring!

Here's a map of Athens to wrap it up!

Explore the Athens' graffiti scene with the pros:

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PS2: Cover pic is from Pittaki Street, courtesy of Sixtwelve @ Flickr (ironically!)