Athens Nightlife: The Best Spots to Party in Athens This Season

Welcome to Athens Greece, the city that never -ever- sleeps!

For the history, this is the city which strongly protested for the early (2am) closure of bars and nightclubs back in 1994, the city where bouzouki (aka 'Greek pop') live music halls were full even at the peek of a Greek crisis (flowers and smoking included) - no comments!

Naturally, the Athens guide of unique things to do on a spring, summer or a sweet early autumn night out includes top picks from Athens' bars downtown (some of them masterfully hidden but which we have revealed to you in a previous post), magnificent rooftop bars with views of the radiant Acropolis, delicious restaurants in Athens and tavernas around Monastiraki and Plaka, even famous open-air cinemas (which we have pin-pointed here) were you can still sip your beer or wine under the stars... 

Undeniably, Greeks and nightlife are a natural match, like bacon and eggs (or gin and tonic, to follow the theme!) and if you're looking for inspiration for unique experiences, fun and quirky things to do in Athens on a late night out this season, we will start with the city's creme de la creme:

These are the hottest bars and nightclubs to party in Athens this month.

Island Club Restaurant | Varkiza

Island-ers partying in the Athens Riviera (Picture by Island Club Restaurant)

"Island is a landmark" claims Island's website and as a local I see no exaggeration in this statement. It is no coincidence that Island has been featured in a number of international publications -such as USA Today (10Best) and SilverKris, to name the least- nor that celebrities such as Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, Pierce Brosnan and Valentino, along with royals, jet-setters, and the local and international rich and famous parade in this establishment every summer on their way to the Greek islands! Its minimalist Greek chic ambience and style top the superb views and natural beauty of this spot, making guests feel like they have escaped the city and have landed on a cosmopolitan Greek island (say Mykonos!). You should also know that Island hosts the summer parties of the uber- vibrant party gurus PIXI, so you might want to check out their program from fall onwards, once they re-open their winter 'pad' in Gazi

Save the Date: Island Closing Party on Saturday the 24th of September- it will be epic! More info here.
Where: 27 km Athinon - Souniou Ave, 16672 Varkiza, Athens Riviera
Closest Metro Station: Asklipiio Voulas (tram) and thereafter by taxi or bus to Varkiza
Other Info: (+30) 210 9653563 | Island Club Restaurant website

galaxy Bar Restaurant - hilton athens | evangelismos

The breathtaking view from Hilton Athens' rooftop, Galaxy Bar (Picture by Galaxy Bar Hilton Athens)

Ah, the Galaxy bar, one of our favourite rooftop bars in Athens (the rest are here!). Once you step inside the Hilton Athens and reach the elevators, aim for the top and there you will enter a sexy, modern, chic and hip lounge with a sophisticated -often international- crowd. The balcony of the Galaxy bar is one of the best things to do on a date in Athens (we have more tips for the 'romantics' here!) but whether you're there with your significant other, your friends or fellow party-goers, you can't go wrong with Galaxy bar's views and cocktails (although we need to warn you that prices are on the high side). 

Save the Date: The New Moon Party by renowned Greek DJ Alexandros Christopoulos returns (for the 12th consecutive year!) on 1st October! More info here.
Where: Hilton Athens, 46 Vassilissis Sofias Avenue, Athens city centre
Closest Metro Station: Evangelismos. 
Other Information: (+30) 210 7281402 - online booking available | Hilton Athens website

bolivar beach bar | kalamaki

Crowds partying at Bolivar in Alimos (Picture by Bolivar / Facebook)

Sun, sand, music and party are the four words that characterise this vibrant beach bar in Alimos, not far from central Athens, by the Athens' riviera. Although it's practically an all-day place, Bolivar organises upbeat parties for young crowds with international and local DJs on the decks until the early morning hours. Naturally, this exotic party spot will be closing any time now, but you can still make it to their last couple of parties this weekend.

Save the Date: Top local DJs Andrianos Papadeas and George Seragos on the decks this Friday 23rd September | Bolivar Closing party on Saturday 24th September. More info here
Where: 'Akti tou Iliou' (aka 'Coast of the Sun') Poseidonos Avenue, Kalamáki
Closest Metro Station: Kalamaki (tram)
Other Information: (+30) 2109831018, (+30) 6970367684

While there are a handful of parties lined up for September, to wrap up #summer16 there are also a number of hot-spots which are ready to launch their fall/winter opening and others who host ad-hoc parties. So stay tuned...

matsuhisa athens | vouliagmeni

Sunset at Nobu Matsuhisa Athens inside Astir Palace Resort (Picture by Matsuhisa Athens/Facebook)

Matsuhisa Athens in the Astir Palace Resort, aside from mouthwatering sushi and cocktails and one of the most romantic setups in town, hosts fun parties at the beginning and the end of the summer season (spring and autumn) by renowned Athenian DJs Vassilis Tsilichristos and Alexandros Christopoulos. So, although there are no dates announced yet, we suggest you keep an eye on Matsuhisa Athens' events just to make sure you won't miss a party in this divine setup!

Where: Astir Palace Resort, 40 Apollonos Street, Vouliagmeni
Closest Metro Station: Elliniko (metro) or Asklipiio Voulas (tram) and taxi or bus thereafter. 
Other Information: (+30) 210 8960510 - online booking available here |

holy spirit beach bar | varkiza

Holy Spirit Beach Bar at Yabanaki beach in Varkiza is a good excuse to have a cocktail for lunch or sunset, but that's not all; the beach bar hosts funky parties at the beginning and the end of the summer season and although their 'closing party' was held on the 11th of September you can still join their mini-parties that will be going on till it's time to get off the beach and wear long sleeved shirts (when they will officially move the action to their winter 'pad' in Glyfada), so keep checking their Facebook Page for news.

Surf's Up at Holy Spirit beach bar inside Yabanaki Varkiza Resort (Picture by Holy Spirit Beach Bar / Facebook)

Where: Yabanaki Beach Varkiza Resort, Akti Varkizas, Varkiza
Closest Metro Station: Elliniko (metro) or Asklipiio Voulas (tram) and taxi or bus thereafter. 
Other Information: (+30) 698 7291638 for info or reservations.

DYBBUK BAR | syntagma

Crowds partying at Dybbuk Bar in Kolonaki (Picture by Dybbuk / Facebook)

Dybbuk Bar, now in Syntagma - previously in  Kolonaki, kickstarts the 'winter' season with an opening party in September- October (not to mention their legendary 'closing' parties in May, for future reference!). So, if you're looking for a hot party spot in cosmopolitan central Athens, keep an eye on Dybbuk's party calendar via Facebook

Where: Since we wrote this post Dybbuk announced their new spot: 7, Stadiou Str. Athens
Closest Metro Station: Syntagma (previous version of this post raised a question whether it's going to be Syntagma or Evangelismos)
Other Information: (+30) 694 7907054 for info or reservations.

Do you want to experience Athens by Night with the pros? Here are the best tours for an adventurous Athens' night out! ...Because we're not just sightseeing and city tours!

rakkan | kifissia

Night out at Rakkan in Kifissia (Picture by Rakkan  / Facebook)

Rakkan is basically a Japanese fusion restaurant. However, it's also a great spot for cocktails, eclectic sounds and -of course - partying, keeping their elegant party reputation alive from their hot summer branch in Mykonos. So, if you're looking for fun things to do on your night out in the northern suburbs of Athens, we suggest you check out the upcoming events via Facebook for some premium partying, cocktails and sushi! 

Where: 238-240 Kifissias Avenue, Kifissia
Closest Metro Station: Kifissia (train)
Other Information: (+30) 210 8087941 | email:


Party night at Bogart in Kolonaki (Picture by Bogart/ Facebook)

Fans of Bogart are counting the days for the opening of their favourite party spot in Kolonaki, which has given a new vibe to their Sundays (to say the least). As the place is under renovation we can't say much for what to expect, only that you should keep an eye on their opening in October and their Facebook page for the upcoming events...

Where: 1, Anagnostopoulou Street, Kolonaki
Closest Metro Station: Evangelismos
Other Information: (+30) 693 7900201 for info or reservations.

Six D.o.g.s | Monastiraki

'Exhibit A' from the opening party of Six d.o.g.s this September (Picture by Six d.o.g.s / Facebook)

Six d.o.g.s's new season has officially started with a grand party a few nights ago in the revamped space of this hot-spot in Monastiraki neighborhood. With a more alternative vibe than the clubs in Kolonaki, you shouldn't miss Six d.o.g.s if you seek an underground nightclub in Athens. The space is practically a cultural entertainment center featuring a gig space, a project space, a foyer and a cool garden! A bunch of interesting events are lined up, so check their Facebook Page for more details and parties on the way.

Where: 6-8 Avramiotou Street, Monastiraki
Closest Metro Station: Monastiraki (train)
Other Information: (+30) 210 3210510 for info and reservations. 

Rock 'n' Roll Athens | Kolonaki

Rock 'n' Roll club in Kolonaki (Picture by Sophia Pagoni / Facebook @rockathens)

Last but not least, the 30-year-old (yes, you read right!) all-time-classic Athenian party establishment Rock 'n' Roll is a MUST on your tour of the Athenian nightlife scene. Rock 'n' Roll's parties are legendary, starting from late afternoon and going on till late, gathering a blend of younger and older crowds dancing to funky (not just 'rock') tunes. This party 'temple' will open its doors in October so make sure you stay informed through their Facebook Page

Where: 14, Filikis Etairias Square, Kolonaki
Closest Metro Station: Evangelismos or Syntagma
Other Information: (+30) 210 7220649

P.S.: As always, everything you just read are purely personal opinions, and not meant for promotion in any way.

Are you ready to party? Here's a map of Athens to find the closest Athens' bar and nightclub from our guide near you:

And here's a calendar to sum up the hot parties in Athens this season waiting for you: