Classical Athens Tour on eBike - Full Itinerary:

Duration almost 3 hours and 30 minutes (8.5km)

You gear up and begin the tour by cycling besides the Acropolis Museum. You follow the promenade to go up to Pnyx hill and the National Observatory where the astronomer Metron made his observations in ancient times. You have the opportunity to visit the plateau where the Athenians gathered for issues concerning the city’s governing.

You reach a small bridge up front is the archeological site of Keramikos and to the east you are able to see Lycabettus hill, the tallest 300 meter hill of Athens. Continue the ride on Ermou street which is over the flow of Heridanos river, a small river which used to flow in ancient times. Enter the legendary area of Psirri.

Exiting Psirri you will face the famous Monastiraki square. From there you cycle next to the Tzistirakis mosque, the ruins of Hadrian’s library, to reach the Roman Forum. On the eastern side of the Forum the masterful monument Tower of the Winds dominates the area, which in ancient times was used as an annual hydraulic hourglass and a weathervane.

Through old alleys of Plaka, neoclassical houses and yards with odours of jasmine and hydrangeas you have a break to enjoy a coffee in the allure of a traditional Greek cafe under the shade provided by tree branches. Following the paved road you find the main entrance of Acropolis hill and you stop to visit Areios Pagos.

Last part is cycling through Thission to the Ancient Agora with the imposing buildings of the temple dedicated to Hephaestus and Athena Argani as well as the magnificent Stoa of Attalos building.

After following an old dirt road you reach the way to the magnificent ancient Odeon of Herodes Atticus which is the last stop of this amazing tour.

Classical Athens Tour on eBike
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