You will meet the Vendor/Host at Syntagma Square from where you will head down to Ermou Street, the heart of Athens’ shopping district. Along the way, you will visit the 11th century church of Panagia Kapnikarea, one of the most important Byzantine monuments in Athens dedicated to Saint Mary and then walk towards Plaka, the capital’s most historic and picturesque district with labyrinth alleys, quaint neoclassical houses, and a generous number of monuments and excavated ancient sites.

Conclude the walking tour on Tripodon Street, the oldest city street in Europe with the same name for over 2.500 years, where you will indulge yourselves to a dinner at a Mansion. This authentic 19th century Athenian home is the real deal, a historic building and private residence made exclusively available to us by special arrangement. Following a warm welcome from the resident of the house, you’ll enjoy a delicious catered meal and a truly memorable experience—the dining room is set over a glass floor through which you can marvel at the recent archaeological discoveries on Tripodon Street below! On warmer nights, dinner is served on the roof terrace that enjoys a direct view of the lit up Acropolis.

The current building was erected in the 19th century and features the characteristic neoclassical design of the period, and, like much of its surroundings, was constructed over the foundations of earlier buildings dating back through the ages. However, the Mansion you are going to visit boasts a unique twist: when works on the home uncovered the ruins of previous structures built on the same site, the discoveries where incorporated in to the modern building and glass flooring was installed in parts of the lower floor to allow the excavation work below to be seen.

Enjoying a taste of Greece through the ages, whilst enjoying a modern twist on traditional Greek cuisine is an experience you cannot miss!

The Heritage Dinner: Exclusive Dining Experience in Athens
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