Behind the scenes

Katia Mavrikou
Founder & CEO

Travel nerd and amateur Greek moussaka maker, belly-dancer and trekker, hooked on everything 'wellness', mind-and-soul opening. She loves taking care of people and will try to convince you to join a tour or class, or try a new restaurant. Mars is on her to-do list.



Anastasia Valti Spanopoulou
Contributing Editor & Travelportee

Tormented multilingual, sarcasm appreciator, burger enthusiast, eternal bookworm. Currently caught somewhere between Athens and Copenhagen. She travels because life's too short, and because things you can write about are always the best things.

Haris Taktikou
Contributing Associate & Travelportee

A sea and sunset junkie, when she's not out and about trying new things 'for research purposes' she's out and about trying new things in pursuit of wanderlust.

Katherine Poseidon
Contributing Editor & Travelportee

Ohio-born, UK-educated, now Athens-based, her Greek alias is Katerina. When not juggling a mild identity crisis, she is a policy analyst by day and loves exploring, adventuring, tasting and sharing hidden corners of the world the rest of the time. She loves feeding people, hugs & all things green.



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