Hydra 1-Day Photo Workshop

Hydra's easy accessibility from Athens in just 1h 30mins ferry ride, makes it a unique chance to taste and photograph one of the most picturesque islands of Greece. Guided by local instructors- accomplished photographers, sharpen your skills in photography and immerse yourself in the local culture of this charming place!

The island of Hydra

Reaching the island, the charming town around the island's main harbor, built amphitheatrically on the slopes of the hill, amazes visitors at first sight with the elegant grey stone mansions. Both cosmopolitan and tranquil, the island is protected by the declaration as a national historic monument and enchants its visitors with its traditional architectural style and old-world charm.

Reminiscent of Hydra’s proud past, the architecture of the main town is extraordinary. Mingled among the islanders’ cascading whitewashed homes, with their brightly colored windows, stately, grey stoned mansions built in the eighteenth century by wealthy merchants and ship owners in the Venetian style, watch over the main harbor.

What contributes to a greater picture?  The port lined with large and small yachts, as well as traditional caciques and fishing boats. Shops, hotels, cafes and tavernas add to the picture, while cobblestone streets and alleyways wind along the coast and climb the steep, rocky hillsides leading to the island’s various neighborhoods and villages.

The absence of any kind of vehicles and the use of donkeys and boats as the only form of transportation makes it a surprisingly fine experience all way through...

It's not a coincidence that in the late 1950s, artists and writers, such as Canadian singer Leonard Cohen and novelist Henry Miller, started coming to Hydra. Since then, it has served as the setting for numerous movies and novels, as well as a destination or residence for artists and intellectuals, both Greek and international.

On our photography visit to Hydra, we have numerous opportunities to get inspired; from the island’s rich history and culture revealed in every aspect of its life, the bustling port and the quaint and charming cobblestone streets with brightly colored doors framed with brilliant bougainvillea or plumbago, to the stunning Mediterranean views along the coast and the island’s rural trails through pine trees and olive groves, shepherds herding sheep  and donkeys grazing patiently in the fields, to name the least!


Hydra 1-Day Photo Workshop
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