5 Ways to Energize After the Athens Authentic Marathon

As popular as marathon races are around the globe, it strikes me how the Athens Marathon, the real, authentic Marathon, falls under the radar.

Have you ever wondered what the word Marathon actually means?

For the history, Marathon is a place in Athens, Greece; the run was named ‘Marathon’ to pay tribute to the route run by the runner Pheidippides in 490 BC, to tell the people of Athens that the Persians, who had landed there with an enormous army that should have been able to crush the Athenian front, had been defeated.

Allegedly one of the toughest, the Athens Marathon follows a course starting by the sea near the ancient battleground (that is in Marathon) ending 42,195m later on the plains of Attica, the centre of Athens, at the old marble Kallimarmaro Panathenaic stadium built for the first modern Olympics in 1896.

So, joining the 5k, 10k or the ‘real deal’ marathon race this Sunday? Good for you! As, I am sure, you are all focused now on how to make it to the finish line, we are here to give some recommendations on what to do from that point onwards, following that precious banana snack!

These 5 suggestions in the vicinity will help you get your energy back; pasta, wellness and beer included!


#1 Stroll around the Acropolis hill

dionysiou areopagitou pedestrian walkway flickr.jpg

A lazy walk around the Acropolis hill will offer post-marathon recovery and plenty of opportunities to stop and admire the city’s sights. If you are looking for a route off-the-beaten path, it's true that there's more to explore than the Acropolis and we have some suggestions and tips here

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#2 Choose the 'Marathon Menu' from Athens' restaurants

Athinai Bistrot lunch opposite Acropolis Museum

If you follow choice #1 above, it's a good chance to take a break and nourish yourself at Athinai Bistrot just opposite the Acropolis Museum or Piazza Duomo if you are strolling around Monastiraki area. Both places offer special Marathon Menus for the day to restore your -oh, so tired- body. Tip: a pre-Marathon Pasta Party may be hosted the day before for extra carbs!

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#3 Pamper those tired muscles in a spa

Grande Bretagne Spa

Indulge your tired legs in one of the city’s renowned spa establishments, such as the spa inside Grande Bretagne Hotel on Syntagma square or the Athens' Hilton close-by (you may want to check out our luxury guide to Athens for more tips on this subject!). Remember: for those whose effort has taken a toll on their body, cryotherapy may be a good choice.

#4 Pump yourself with superfoods

fontana living well store wellness superfoods fitness

Craving a power juice and a super healthy snack? Try Avocado or Fontana Living Well Store for an uber healthy drink and bite. For more healthy food options in Athens check out our guide here

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#5 Have a Greek lunch close to the finish line in Kallimarmaro

mavro provato restaurant greek cuisine food lunch close kallimarmaro stadium

Tzitzikas & Mermigas and Mavro Provato offer less touristy Greek lunch options in the area and will get you back on track.

So, there you have it dear runners. We hope our suggestions will prove to be useful the moment you get out of that stadium facing the question 'Now What'.

Good luck to you all! May the force be with you! :)

PS1: FYI, all tips and suggestions in this post are purely personal views and don't intend to promote in any way!

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