All We Want for 2017 is Unique Experiences in Greece, Not Things

Katherine Poseidon and Katia Mavrikou

At this time of year, many of us are searching for Christmas gift ideas – either making our own wishlists, bucket lists or trying to find the absolute perfect present for our loved ones. Although we are definitely in favour of gifties for special people in our lives (like amazing Greek food, Greek wine and Greek designer goodies) and love a good travel gadget or two, this year we have decided to invest in unique experiences, not things! Is there anything more precious than adventure holidays, authentic activities, unique experiences and fun things to do that make lifetime memories, broaden your horizons and -why not- transform you for life?! (We know, this is a rhetoric question...). That's why for 2017, all we want for Christmas is experiences, not things! Here's why and here are our Christmas gift ideas (if not wishlist!) for extra inspiration!

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#1 Memories of a Lifetime

It may seem a little cheesy to emphasise that unique travel experiences leave you with memories to last a lifetime, but really, it’s true! After a little while, even the most exciting new gadget or toy loses a little of its shiny touch, but an authentic adventure tour or a quirky activity off-the-beaten-path allow you to create special memories that never lose their magic!

#2 Personal Growth

Even better than wonderful moments ripe for reminiscing, our experiences actually become a part of us in a way that literally lasts forever. Travel’s potential to challenge our preconceptions and to allow us to escape our comfort zone help us achieve levels of personal growth that are hard to find wrapped up in a box. In addition, fostering an adventurous spirit, open to new experiences, is a pretty useful all-around life skill.

#3 Sharing is Caring!

Perhaps one of the best parts about giving the gift of experiences is that experiences can be shared! The individual perks from a food tour, an adventure tour, a photography workshop, a cooking class, a dance lesson or a quirky activity are many, but when they are shared with family, friends or your other half they multiply. Exploring new places with loved ones can help strengthen relationships, while adventures with new friends can quickly forge new bonds and create new relationships – win win!

#4 Give Back

Sure, there's great pleasure in both giving and receiving a gift, but there's extra magic when you know that with your gift you have supported your local community, people in need or a great cause you believe in. Besides, giving back is good karma and who doesn't want good fortune at a new beginning and a fresh new year? (Answer: not us!). That's why we have launched our initiative Join the Neighborhood through which with every booking you make you support local culture, people and traditions. 

We are committed to more than just helping you find the best gift and have the best time, ever!

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Have a fantastic holiday! Our best wishes for a merry Christmas and a healthy, adventurous, joyful, peaceful and prosperous new year!