Love is in the Air: What to do in Athens on Valentine's Day

by Katherine Poseidon

How are you feeing these days? Maybe a little overwhelmed by everything happening in the world? We are too, but... it seems like perfect timing for a holiday that celebrates love, right? Rather than rehash all of the romantic things to do in Athens for the lovebirds we decided to branch out a little for Valentine's Day and list some unique things to do to celebrate love in general, with romantic partners, best friends, and even family. We think everyone could use a little love! 

Indulge in Athens' Best Chocolate

Petite Fleure in Kolonaki is ideal for a hot chocolate with our significant other! (Picture @petitefleurofficial / Facebook)

Valetine's Day is nothing if not a good excuse to indulge the sweet tooth a little bit. Some of our favourite picks for chocoholics are Aristrokratikon near Syntagma square, an Athens institution making delightful little chocolatey bites, or the Dark Side of Chocolate near Kolonaki, a store devoted entirely to our favourite indulgences. If you have time to grab your significant other, or your best friend, catch up and reminisce over a cup of hot chocolate at Petit Fleur in central Athens. 


Things to do on a date? 


Try a Unique Experience for Something New 

It's easy to get caught up in the fast pace of the everyday, so why not use Valentine's Day as an excuse to spend some quality time with a loved one? One of the best ways, in our opinion, is to try a new experience or travel adventure, something a little out of the ordinary. We've gathered here our favourite unique experiences in Athens; so why not join a Greek dance lesson or a a quirky tour? Otherwise, visit somewhere you think you've been a million times, but join a tour to learn something new. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about Ancient Greece, we promise you'll learn something that surprises you! 


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Escape the City and Explore Nature

Grab a picnic basket and walk up Kessariani monastery for a picnic with your loved ones! (Picture by Katia Mavrikou)

Though it may not be easy enough to plan a full romantic getaway, why not go on a mini-escape into nature? You can check out our suggestions for best day-trips from Athens to really get out of a town, or just check out some of our favourite green spaces if you need to stay a little closer to home. If the weather is nice, pack a picnic and pretend that you (plus significant other, family, or best friends) are a world away. This is also a sneaky way to 'give' your loved one flowers for the day - just visit the flowers in their natural habitat! 


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Share a Meal at One of Athens' Best Restaurants

Valentine's Day is a good excuse to enjoy a nice dinner in one of Athens' top restaurants in Kolonaki (Picture by Paolo Todesco / Flickr)

It's no secret that you will find delicious places to eat in Athens (not just Greek food), and why not use Valentine's Day as an excuse to go out for a great meal? The holiday isn't popular enough here to worry about crowded restaurants (plus it's a Tuesday), so you can relax and make it an evening to remember! We've recommended some of our top picks in various posts in the past: if you're looking for the gourmet version of food in Athens, check out our luxury guide to Athens; but a good souvlaki overlooking the Acropolis is always an old-time-classic thing to do in Athens. We suggest you follow one of our neighborhood guides for Kolonaki, Mets or Athens' beach suburbs of Glyfada, Voula and Vouliagmeni. If you're looking for more inspiration, these are the Greek foods you have to try before you die, and this guide can help you navigate any menu...!


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Give the Gift of... Gifts..!

Join the Extraordinary "A Taste of Classical Athens and Classical Greece" walking tour which combines essential sightseeing with some Greek wine indulgence (a good excuse to buy some wine on your way back as a gift to a loved one, or to yourself!) 

Though you'll definitely find us on the side of 'experiences not things!' there is a time and place for exchanging gifts, and Valentine's Day is a good opportunity. There are so many unique and handmade gifts, and we've gathered some of our best ideas for souvenirs from Greece here - don't forget these are great suggestions for locals and visitors alike! Of course, there's no reason why gifts have to be things - why not surprise your loved one with a unique experience that you can share together? Or with tickets to the city's newest exhibition? Everyone loves the gift of quality time.

The best part of Valentine's Day is that there's no 'right or wrong' way to do it - you may say it's cheesy (fine, why not), but we can't see any harm in a whole day celebrating love! 



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